There are more motorcycle decals on the internet than plastics in the oceans. Which choose? Why are some more expensive and others cheaper? In this article I will try to explain.

First, let's start with the question why the secondary market for motorcycle stickers originated at all. Well, the answer is amazingly simple. Original stickers are often terribly expensive, or they are simply not available. If we browse hundreds of pages to buy the cheapest stickers, we can be sure that their quality is comparable to the quality of Chernobyl water. What to do in that case, when the original stickers are no longer supplied by the manufacturer but we still want our motorcycle to look as good as Brigitte Bardot in the fifties?

The answer is - decals printed on transparent vinyl. Yes, this is one of the sticker production methods used by motorcycle manufacturers. The second method is the so-called plotter stickers.

With most motorcycles, from the early 1980s to the present, manufacturers mainly use printed stickers. Plotter stickers appear sporadically and usually in the form of text. Only by using these two technologies at the same time can we get the best results that are comparable to the originals Manufacturers who only use plotter technology and want to make graphics in different colors, they cut each color from the vinyl and then stick them on each other, and then on the next one and next one, and so on. In this way they cannot get a comparable effect with the original stickers and not to mention about quality. Cannot get soft transitions between the colors and no transparency at all.

Stickers stuck together are much thicker and the transitions from one vinyl color to another are sharp and visible with so-called stairs. The edges break the light and even have to be covered with transparent varnish to make them smooth. Expecting something more from such stickers is like asking for disappointment.

Unfortunately, such manufacturers are the most and most stickers found on the internet are made with this method.

Our stickers differ mainly in the fact that they are produced in both ways and this sets us apart from the competition. They are produced almost identically to the original. Yes, it is a bit more expensive method, but the difference in quality makes the motorcycle look so good that you even think about whether you can stick our stickers on your leather suit.

Our stickers are usually printed on transparent vinyl. We try to carefully select the colors for printing so that they are comparable to the original. Sticker printed in this way, after sticking to the motorcycle, also gets the color of motorcycle paint underneath, exactly the same as the motorcycles when they left the factory. Moreover, the print ensures smooth transitions between colors and all that on one vinyl layer.

Honda XRV Africa Twin 2003

Kawasaki Z900 2017

Honda XL 125V Varadero 2007

Suzuki GSXR 1000 2008

Moreover, such a sticker is covered with a special layer of laminate with a UV filter that prevents color fading. This sticker is not only resistant to weather conditions, but also to oil, grease and other chemical liquids.

Maybe a few words about applying the stickers. It is therefore best to stick them on the clear coat, because sticking to the primer does not provide sufficient adhesion. That is possible, but it is not necessary to cover the stickers with clear varnish. This is especially true for the stickers that are on the fuel tank, because it can happen that the hand shakes while refueling.

In summary - if you do not want that your work was wasted and the end result disappoints you as a push-up bra from a girl you met the night before, make sure that the last "finishing touch", so the decals, are of high quality, and buy them from us then satisfaction is guaranteed.

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