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Shipping & delivery information

Taking care of the highest quality of our products, we also made sure that they were professionally prepared for shipment. Due to the susceptibility of products to damage, and often the long journey they have to travel to reach you intact, we make every effort to pack and ship them properly. We do not use a minimum order condition. All, even the smallest, orders are shipped to every country in the world. Depending on the country of shipment, we cooperate with companies: DHL, Fedex, DPD or Polish Post S.A.

Delivery costs

The shipping fee depends on the country to which it will be sent and the value of the order. So there is no single fixed price for shipping. You can easily check the shipping price by going to the checkout section with your shopping cart. When selecting a country, shipping options and their prices will appear. Free shipping is available for orders from € 75. (some countries from 150 and 250 euro)

Delivery time

Delivery times vary for each order and depend on several factors. We try to fulfill orders within 5 days, but this is not always possible. We will inform you about any changes or delays by e-mail. The country and the shipping method also affect the delivery time. These methods may differ from country to country and differ in price. When placing an order, we indicate the shipping method we recommend. This should make your choice easier.

Shipment tracking

Economy Shipping, the cheapest option, available for orders up to € 30, is the only shipping method that cannot be tracked. All other shipments can be tracked. We recommend courier services such as DHL, DPD or Fedex. They allow for very accurate tracking and are much faster than the Polish Post.

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