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Applying the decals

Contrary to appearances, applying motorcycle decals is a demanding skill. I strongly recommend that you outsource this work to professionals, especially if we are dealing with a large sticker. For brave do-it-yourselfers who still want to do it themselves, I present a short instructional video below. Video shows applying the decal using a "wet" method.

Before you get started, these four very important tips:

  1. The surface on which you apply the sticker must be perfectly clean and degreased.
  2. The stickers have a protective coating, do not try to peel it off. The so-called application tape, which only appears on some stickers and must be removed from the sticker, is always much larger than the sticker itself. It is easy to distinguish.
  3. The stickers should NOT be applied earlier than 5 days after painting. Applying stickers too early will cause vapor bubbles on the sticker. Time of approx. 5 days required for the paint to evaporate completely.
  4. All our decals can be painted, but only 3 days after application. Otherwise there is a risk of vapor bubbles appearing on the sticker. Sticker glue must be completely dry before the sticker is covered with the clear coat.
  5. Think twice and plan how you will stick the sticker. Sometimes, especially large stickers, need to be shaped. A hair dryer can very well be used for this. After heating, the sticker is very flexible and easy to stretch. Keep this in mind when applying, especially with a large sticker, it may need to be "stretched" a bit.

We wish you successful results.

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